Articles - devotional

Connecting with God outdoors - BRF May 2023
Finding hope in the Psalms - BRF March 2023
Stages of Faith - ReSource March 2015
The Christian Leader - ReSource July 2014
I am the Lord who heals you - ReSource December 2013
Mystery - ReSource July 2012
Rooted in Jesus - 10 years of discipleship in Africa - ReSource March 2011
Visions and Dreams in the Christian Middle Ages - ReSource December 2010
Exile - ReSource March 2010
Being Disciples : Rooted in Jesus - ReSource July 2008
Confidence in the gospel - ReSource July 2007
In the beginning was the Word - Artisan 2006
Learning to pray - Cell UK November 2006
Praying with St Bonaventure - March 2005
Imagination is the key to change - Cell UK 2005
Renewal of the Church - ReSource 2005
What does it mean to be made new? - ReSource 2005
The Wild Gospel : living by truth - Cell UK 2004
An integrated approach to healing - November 2004
Healing and evangelism - CPAS Summer 2003

Articles - science and faith
Caring for Creation - BRF September 2023
Great White Egrets in England - tipping the balance - British Birds vol 115 May 2022
Lockdown: Finding Life out of doors - The Bugler (RSPB) 2020
Birds and the Spiritual Life - ReSource March 2014
Confidence in Creation - Monarch 2011
Science and Faith - ReSource March 2009
The Natural World: Some Christian Perspectives - Nottingham 1996

Articles - theological
What is a disciple - from Following Jesus - Fulcrum 2015
The Gift of the Spirit and the Shape of the Church - from Mission-shaped Questions CHP 2008
Living in the Truth of Christ - from The Wild Gospel - Monarch 2004
Bringing Truth to Life - from The Wild Gospel - Monarch 2005
The Last Judgment in Christian Iconography - Cambridge 1987
Dante's Classification of Sin - Cambridge 1986
The Representation of the Afterlife from Homer to Dante - Cambridge 1983

Articles by others

As an atheist, I truly believe Africa needs God - Matthew Parris
Why I believe again - A N Wilson
Religion of hatred: Why we should no longer be cowed - A N Wilson

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