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2019 RinJ Manual

Rooted in Jesus Team Manual - new edition

New for 2019, a revised edition of the Rooted in Jesus Team Manual for training teams and diocesan coordinators. The manual includes an introduction to the Rooted in Jesus programme, its background and vision, and provides everything a team leader or team member needs in order to deliver a training conference for new or existing leaders. It includes conference outlines for both initial and follow-up conferences, sample session plans, advice on how to establish a good support structure for group leaders, and testimonies from those who have followed it. It also provides material to support local Rooted in Jesus Coordinators as they oversee the ministry of Rooted in Jesus within their diocese or network.

4th edition published by the Mathetes Trust, July 2019.
Available on request to Rooted in Jesus team members.



Junior manual

Rooted in Jesus Junior Team Manual

The Rooted in Jesus Junior Manual contains the information and resources to help a team run a Rooted in Jesus Junior training conference – how to prepare a diocese for the introduction of the programme, how to plan a conference, guidelines for the team leader and diocesan coordinator, and session plans for each of the different elements of the conference. It also contains testimonies from those using the course. Also designed to provide resources for the Diocesan Coordinator, with suggestions for how best to implement and oversee Rooted in Jesus Junior once it has been introduced, including evaluation and report forms as well as the training material which can be used to support existing leaders or train new ones.

Published by the Mathetes Trust, November 2017
Available on request to Rooted in Jesus Junior team members.












Something Understood: Poems for reflection and meditation

Sequel to Distilling Life, this is a new anthology of poetry edited by Alison Morgan. Something Understood is designed to provide a starting point for reflection on some of the big questions of life – things we often avoid talking about, or for which we can’t quite find the words. It is arranged in five thematic sections: Seeing, Living, Loving, Trusting and Dying. Each section contains about twenty poems or pieces of prose, and each includes contributions from a wide range of authors, both historical and contemporary. Some of the poems are well known; others are published here for the first time. The book is beautifully illustrated throughout with high quality black and white photographs and drawings. Designed to be used for personal reflection, in poetry groups, or read aloud in larger gatherings.

“Your lovely anthology came today, and it’s full of good things – it’s a handsome volume at an amazingly reasonable price. You range very generously over a wide field, and though there are old favourites there are some welcome introductions to new poets.” R V Bailey

“The volume looks very handsome, with excellent pagination and use of images. Congratulations, too, on the very interesting and personal choices.” Professor Patrick Boyde

“Congratulations on producing something so beautiful!” Anna Farago

"A wonderful, thoughtful and inspiring collection." Stewart Henderson

Published by The Mathetes Trust, March 2017
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Price £8





















Following Jesus: The Plural of Disciple is Church

"There sems to be a growing consensus around ‘Discipleship’ as the greatest challenge facing Christians in the West - and, as usual, Alison Morgan has not only identified the key issue but also provided a lucid and practical insight into what it means. I love her writing. Somehow she manages to combine substantial scholarship with highly personal reflection and down to earth illustration, so this book – like her previous work – is easy to read as well as intellectually and spiritually stimulating. If you are looking for something to excite people about Christian discipleship, this is it.” From the Foreword by Bishop James Newcome

“God has already used Alison Morgan’s inspired writing to touch very many lives. This wonderful new book addresses the question of discipleship, a crucial one for today’s church. She insightfully and engagingly elucidates what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and rightly insists that only as disciples together, as church, shall we be a truly effective part of God’s great mission to transform not just individuals but the whole creation in Christ.” John Inge, Bishop of Worcester

“Alison Morgan is a star! Combining her deep faith and practical experience as a Christian teacher and evangelist, she challenges us to think afresh about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and for churches to be communities where people help one another to develop their relationship with Him. A wise and prophetic book which challenges us to consider the question 'How do I make my faith in Christ real today?’” The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu

“Here is an ever-expanding vision of what it means to be disciples of Jesus. It is simply written but exciting and profoundly challenging – calling us to a deeper experience of God’s life and a more engaged participation in God’s mission. It is a call to rediscover discipleship in community. Such discipleship is sacrificial, world-changing and wonderfully fulfilling. Full of real life stories, it beckons us to abandon ourselves to God’s great story and thereby discover life in abundance.” Martin Breytenbach, Bishop of the Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist, South Africa, and Chair of Growing the Church

“A fresh and refreshing account of what discipleship looks like, with many helpful nuggets of teaching, reflection and living testimony.” Phil Potter, Archbishops’ Missioner and Team Leader of Fresh Expressions        

Published April 2015. To find out more visit the Following Jesus website
read Chapter Two, 'What is a disciple?' click here.
To preview on Google books click here.
Ships internationally from the UK, or can be ordered within North America (Canada and US) from Tyndale Seminary bookstore here.

Price £10




Dante e l'Aldila medievale

An Italian translation by Luca Marcozzi of my book Dante and the Medieval Other World.
Published by Salerno Editrice, Rome, December 2012.
For more information click here.
RRP E23. Available from the publisher's website, and from Amazon.








Distilling Life - poems for reflection and meditation. Selected by Martin Cavender and Alison Morgan

‘Poetry,’ said Robert Frost, ‘is a way of taking life by the throat.’ Poetry invites us to experience our old and familiar world in new and creative ways; poetry is a gateway to prayer. This collection has been carefully selected and arranged in a way which we hope will help you undertake a spiritual journey. Featuring over 100 poems ranging over 26 centuries, it includes familiar writers and writers you’ve never heard of. We have included images too to help unleash your imagination, to beckon you into new places. Read it yourself; read it with others and invite them to travel with you. We think it is unique.

“Our poetry group meets monthly. It is surprising how often this short anthology seems to contain a poem that just fits the bill, inspires new insight, provokes us to further discussion – and sometimes makes us laugh” – Anna Farago

“I have just conducted a quiet morning with lay leaders. As well as Scripture readings I used a number of poems from Distilling Life. A very powerful and moving resource” – Bishop Stuart Robinson

Published October 2012, 92pp, illustrated.

Price £6
















The Word on the Wind: renewing confidence in the gospel
With a foreword by Rowan Williams and an introduction by Martin Cavender

A sequel to The Wild Gospel, The Word on the Wind has received wide acclamation for its unique combination of clear thinking and real life stories.

“Alison Morgan’s writing is so winsome that it’s easy to be caught up in the beauty of what she’s saying before you realise she’s just smacked you between the eyes with a piece of two-by-four. This new book presents a deeply radical message in the most eloquent and seductive manner. You’ve been warned!” – Michael Frost, author, The Shaping of Things to Come

The Word on the Wind is prayer that has been distilled by a powerful and poetic mind. Never abstract and never shallow, it brings the fountain-fresh water of the Spirit to an age that’s dry, and sick of dusty answers.” –  Bishop Paul Bayes

“The Church is shrinking and wrinkling because we have taught people to be Christians and not Disciples. Alison Morgan is a Disciple who loves Jesus and loves people. She yearns to help others step into all God has for them, and this book will do just that. Peppered with stories of changed lives, this book will inspire and challenge. You gotta read it!” - Mark Russell, CEO Church Army

“This is a hugely important book. In it, Alison Morgan weaves together powerful stories of people's experience of faith with deep reflection about culture, the Bible and faith in the 21st century. It is encouraging, uplifting and inspiring and offers a vision of how each one of us can regain and maintain our confidence in the Gospel.” Dr Paula Gooder

For more information and commendations click here.
To read Chapter 11, 'Confidence in Creation', click here
To read a Church Times review click here.
To download a study guide click here.

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Published by Monarch Books 2011.

Also available as an e-book click here (US) or from Amazon on Kindle.

RRP £9.99. Special offer £5.



When in Rome... Notes on cross cultural mission

This booklet is designed primarily for members of Rooted in Jesus teams working in Africa. It offers a light-hearted look at some of the joys and pitfalls of working in a different culture, and includes practical information to help prepare for your trip.

Published August 2010.


Doing What Jesus Did - a fresh look at the gifts of the Spirit

Doing What Jesus Did takes a fresh look at the gifts of the Spirit, suggesting they are best regarded as a description of the ministry of Jesus, to be welcomed not as feathers in the caps of individuals but as shared resources to enable the mission and ministry of the church. It includes a group study.

"The best theologically rigorous study of the gifts of the Spirit that I have read. Especially because in this new book Alison Morgan, from long experience, includes sensible, practical advice on how to get going" - Preb John Collins.

“Alison writes with her usual clarity and insight about the workd of the Holy Spirit, opening it up to us through the ministry of Jesus, building faith through many personal stories and correcting the misunderstandings that often surround this area of the Christian life. It will feed you and fan into flame the gifts within you” – Revd John McGinley

For more information click here. To preview on Google Books click here. For a review click here.
Published December 2009.

Price £5.
















Alison Morgan & John Woolmer : In His Name - a training course for healing prayer teams

A practical healing course for use with healing prayer teams in the local church, written for Holy Trinity Leicester by Alison Morgan and John Woolmer, and piloted there over many years.

"Far and away the most balanced, informed, practical guide for church healing teams. The authors have seen much healing - physical, psychological and spiritual, and have the theological and biblical underpinning to ground it. The course is interactive, beautifully written and has been tested over ten years. Simply invaluable." Canon Michael Green.

"Following on from the open evening we ran the 'In His Name' course and had over forty participants, which attracted participants from other local churches and was widely spoken of it as one of the best things St Paul’s had ever done" – Revd Chris Spittle, Skelmersdale, Lancashire

Published 2008; reprinted 2009 and 2012.
For more information click here. To preview on Google Books click here.

Pack of 1 Leader's Manual and 10 Member's Coursebooks Price £40

Leader's Manual Price £12

Member's coursebook Price £4

Pack of 5 Member's coursebooks Price £15










The Wild Gospel : Bringing truth to life

"A ground-breaking, exciting and moving book that could not be more timely as the Church looks for fresh ways of speaking God's truth in and to our culture" - Archbishop Rowan Williams.

"An amazing book, offering an insightful analysis of two millennia of Western (and Christian) history, while addressing the needs of people in the 21st century. it offers a way of engaging with the Christian faith that is intellectually well-grounded and personally enriching" - Dr John Drane

"An eminently readable, timely, and radical exploration of the power of the Word … an exciting and challenging read." – Abbot Stuart Burns OSB

"As an apologist for the Christian faith she does for her generation what C. S. Lewis did for his. I loved this book. So will you." – James Newcome, Bishop of Carlisle

For more information and commendations click here. For a free study guide click here.

To read the introduction click here. To read Chapter 8 on 'Living in the truth of Christ' click here.
To preview on Google books click here.

Published by Monarch 2004, reprinted 2005 & 2009.
Also available as an e-book click here (US) or from Amazon on Kindle.

RRP £9.99. Special offer £5.


Rooted in Jesus



Rooted in Jesus

Rooted in Jesus is a practical course in Christian discipleship for Africa edited by Alison Morgan. Designed especially for the use of ordinary African Christians, it was written in 2002 and first introduced in Tanzania. Since then it has been translated into many languages and is now in wide use across sub-Saharan Africa. It is endorsed by the Anglican Communion. There are 4 course books for the group leader, and a supplementary leader's guide.

Rooted in Jesus is normally introduced through a diocesan training conference.

For more information visit the RinJ website or blog.
To preview Rooted in Jesus Book on Google Books click here.
A sample set can be ordered from The Mathetes Trust.



 Rooted in Jesus Team Manual

A team manual for use by members of Rooted in Jesus teams and Diocesan Coordinators. The manual contains conference outlines for both initial and follow-up conferences, sample session plans, advice on how to establish a good support structure for group leaders, details of where and how the course is being used, and many testimonies from those who have followed it. It also includes practical information on how to prepare, what to expect, what to read, and what to take.

First published 2008, 3rd edition 2016.
Available on request to Rooted in Jesus team members.

















Season of Renewal

A popular Lent course by Alison Morgan and Bill Goodman, first published 2006 and now available in a new edition.

"A group of about ten of us finished Season of Renewal last night. It was unanimously agreed that it had been the most inspiring and helpful Lent course we had ever shared in." - Canon John Gunstone

"Our five Lent Fellowship Groups have all responded enthusiastically to Season of Renewal. It is wonderful to have a course which is “Into God” rather than “About God” - Revd Matthew Grayshon

For more information click here. To view a sample session click here. To preview on Google Books click here.
Price £36 (pack), £7 (Leader's Manual), £4 (Course member's booklet).

Pack of 1 Leader's Manual and 10 Member's Coursebooks Price £36

Leader's Manual Price £7

Course Member's booklet Price £4

Pack of 5 Course Member's booklets Price £15





Mission-shaped Questions - defining issues for today's Church, edited by Steven Croft - with contributions from Loveday Alexander, Martin Atkyns, Lynda Barley, Steven Croft, Tim Dakin, John Drane, James Dunn, John Hull, Alison Morgan, Angela Tilby, Graham Tomlin, Lindsay Urwin, David Wilkinson and Martin Warner.
My contribution is an essay entitled 'What does the Gift of the Spirit mean for the Shape of the Church?'

"A must for your bookshelf. Significant, grown-up missional thinking about the mixed economy church" - Paul Bayes, National Mission & Evangelism Adviser.

“Suddenly I came to your chapter and found water in the desert - thank you. Of course the biblical stuff I have taught many times but the way you put the work of the Spirit into the context of church history was for me both important and very useful, specially in the Oxford diocese where we have many new 'fresh expressions' and need to have perspective on them”. Revd John Chorlton

For a synopsis of the collection click here. To download a copy of my paper click here.

Published by Church House Publishing, March 2008. Price £14.99. Buy on Amazon here.



The Word of God - what does it mean?

The sentence 'In the beginning was the Word' has fascinated and tantalised me ever since I first read it. I'm a linguist - so I start with the question 'what are words?' And what is the Word of God? And can we speak it too, and what happens when we do? Offering a mixture of theological reflection, testimony, poetry, and image, the aim of the booklet is to challenge our preconceptions and affirm the word of God as something powerful, dynamic and life-changing - if we know how to use it.

"The Word of God remains the one publication I would never throw away" - Mike Middleton

Published 2008. 36pp, illustrated. 

To preview on Google Books click here.

Price 2.50





'Who do you say that I am?' The Unexpected Jesus

This devotional booklet encourages us to take a fresh and deeper look at the person of Jesus. Who was he? What kind of relationship can we hope to have with him today? Is our view of him less than it could be? The booklet includes poems, illustrations, testimonies and quotes to stimulate your prayers.

Published 2007. 28pp, illustrated.

To preview on Google Books click here.

Price 2.





Knowing God's Love

A collection of image, poetry, meditation, scriptures, quotations and spiritual advice from writers through the ages who have known what it is to be loved by God. Good as a devotional book, or for giving to spiritually minded friends who are seeking a more secure faith.

Published 2007.
20pp, illustrated.

Price 2.

Pack of 10. Price £15.




Prayer ministry - preparing for your prayer ministry appointment

This booklet offers an introduction to prayer ministry, with an overview of what to expect, plus meditations and spiritual exercises to help a person prepare for an extended time of prayer ministry. The booklet can also be used as training material for prayer ministry teams. First written for Holy Trinity Leicester.

Published 2007. 20pp, illustrated.

Price 2.

Pack of 10. Price £15.



Praying with creation 

A 36 page devotional booklet designed for use in daily prayer times and containing a wealth of scripture references, quotations, poetry and illustrations to stimulate your prayers, all based on the theme of the seven days of creation in the opening chapters of Genesis. Did you know, for example, that a chaffind sings 64 notes per minute? Or that 287 species of beetle have been identified in Buckingham Palace gardens?

Published 2006. Price £2.




 Renewal - what is it and what's it for?

At its best, renewal can bring fresh life and excitement. And yet it can also be reduced to a mere cultural package and fail to deliver what is promised. This exciting study looks at Scripture, history and experience to explore the true nature of renewal, and to offer a fresh vision of what renewal means today.
Published by Grove Books 2006.

RRP £3.95. Direct sale price £3.50.


New in Christ

A 16 page booklet which explores what it means to be made new on a personal level. It includes a renewal meditation for use either individually or in groups.

Published 2006. 16pp, illustrated.

Price 1.

Pack of 10. Price £5.


Renewal in scripture

A companion volume to the above, offering an overview of the biblical teaching on what it means to be made new and renewed.

Published 2006. 16pp, illustrated.

Price 1.

Pack of 10. £5



What Happens When We Die?

This is the book I would have liked to read when a friend died and started me on a journey of spiritual searching. It looks at the evidence for life after death, examining the beliefs of different historical periods and faiths as well as considering paranormal phenomena. It is written primarily as an introduction to the Christian faith from the perspective of an enquirer, and is ideal as a book to give away to someone looking at these issues for the first time. For more details click here.

Published by Kingsway 1995.
Also available in Chinese!
Out of print but available on Amazon.










Dante and the Medieval Other World

'A major study of the Divine Comedy, this book offers an interesting perspective on Dante's representation of the afterlife. Alison Morgan departs from the conventional critical emphasis on Dante's place in relation to learned traditions by undertaking a thorough examination of the poem in the context of popular beliefs. Her principal sources are thus not the highly literary texts (such as Virgil's Aeneid or Thomas Aquinas's Summa Theologiae) which have become a familiar context for the poem, but rather visions of the Other World found in popular writings, painting and sculpture from the centuries leading up to its composition. The book will be of interest to non-specialists in addition to scholars of Dante, since it offers a clear preliminary account of the Other World tradition, a chronology of its principal representations and summaries of the major texts. Fully illustrated throughout, it integrates with the literary and theological aspects of Dante's heritage the important but often neglected dimension of art history.'

Published by Cambridge University Press in 1990, reprinted 2007. It remains the standard text on the subject of the relationship between Dante's Divine Comedy and earlier, popular representations of the afterlife, and has been translated into Italian. For more information click here, or to purchase click below. Also available in paperback from Cambridge University Press.


Price £19 (hardback edition)

For related material on the Last Judgment in Christian Iconography and the Representation of the Afterlife from Homer to Dante see the Articles page.



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